BSS CLEANING is a committed company with a wealth of experience behind it.  After some 10 years in the Cleaning Services environment  the Founder Member,  Mike Burchell,   realised that  there existed the opportunity to provide a well-planned,  system-orientated and intensely customer-related service aiming for the upper market niche at charges that were not way out of line.
Consequently,  BSS was established in December 1994,  embodying all the best service systems and techniques that are implemented,  not only in South Africa but throughout the world,    striving to perfect systems where there is a need and maintaining a balance between top-quality service at competitive rates.
In October 1999,  Mrs. ZURAIDA BEHARDIEN joined the Management of BSS bringing with her over 12 years’ experience in the Cleaning and Housekeeping fields,  and a great understanding and empathy for the cleaner  -  the backbone of our organization.   She was made a  shareholder and member of the C.C. in 2002.    The other members of our Management Team are Mrs. IMELDA CASE  -  Skills Development Facilitator,  Ms. JOANNE FARO –  Hospitality and Kitchen Hygiene and Mrs. JENNY MARAIS who is in charge of our Hospital and Medical Division.
Although employing over 300 people,  we are still owner-run and managed  with small overheads and narrow focus.     It is not our intention to become the biggest or the richest - but to be the best   and most professional.   We will not allow ourselves to get to the stage where the pressures of running a large company distracts us from the basics -  our Clients and our Employees.
The principal difference between BSS CLEANING and our competition is the HANDS-ON,  PERSONAL SERVICE that we provide and our absolute conviction that COMMUNICATION is the most vital aspect of any service.
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