Welcome to BSS Cleaning
BSS CLEANING is a contract cleaning company providing high quality cleaning, hygiene and housekeeping services to Commercial, Retail, Medical and Hospitality premises in and around Cape Town.
With nearly twenty years experience and over 300 staff, we offer a service that will satisfy the requirements of any business or institution.
BSS uses honesty, integrity and fairness to drive relationships with their clients. We are dedicated to achieving 100% of agreed specifications through constant innovation, training and the developing of new technologies.
We believe that communication is essential for any service organization and our clients will be dealing one-on-one with the stakeholders in BSS.
Combining these values will help us to reach our goal of achieving excellence.
Outsourcing your support services to BSS CLEANING means that you can focus on your core business, allowing you more time to deal with what you do best. It can also be extremely cost and time efficient thereby giving your business a financial and competitive edge.

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